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Our History, Identity, Values & Events

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Our Identity

OurSisterhood is an organization designed to empower, inspire and mentor women to achieve their full potential and God-ordained purpose.


  OurSisterhood strives to create a refuge where sisterly connections, thought-provoking dialogues and a compassionate community can be used to support, build and nurture loving sisters no matter what area in life they are in.


OurSisterhood is all about teaching sistas to “Make It Happen!”

Vision Statement = Empower women, Walk in purpose and Shift the culture

Mission Statement =  Together, OurSisterhood is taking actions to drive change for women's social and economic empowerment both personally and professionally motivating sistas to regain and build 'self' and 'families' back together one family at a time. 

Sisterhood is the relationship between sisters. A feeling of kinship with and closeness to a group of women or all women. An association or community of women linked by a common interest, religion or trade. 

Definition: Oxford dictionary

Our History


Beneká or Sista B as she is often called, has devoted herself to the single woman-  ministering them into a place where they can be Happy, Healthy, Whole, & Holy for God.  Often using her own mistakes as an example, Sista B’s compelling life experience and testimony is filled with practical messages from God, messages that offers healing, refuge and encouragement.

Shemēna or Sunshine as she is affectionately called, is a young woman on a mission. She is determined to break young women (teens and millennials) out of the stereotypical box that society has created for them. With laser point accuracy, and piercing truths, Sunshine uses her background as a teacher to craft life lessons that leave young women with step by step instructions for how to create a passion and purpose-filled life, all while enjoying the fruits of youthfulness.


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