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Our History

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Beneká or Sista B as she is often called, has devoted herself to the single woman-  ministering them into a place where they can be Happy, Healthy, Whole, & Holy for God.  Often using her own mistakes as an example, Sista B’s compelling life experience and testimony is filled with practical messages from God, messages that offers healing, refuge and encouragement.


Shemēna or Sunshine as she is affectionately called, is a young woman on a mission. She is determined to break young women (teens and millennials) out of the stereotypical box that society has created for them. With laser point accuracy, and piercing truths, Sunshine uses her background as a teacher to craft life lessons that leave young women with step by step instructions for how to create a passion and purpose-filled life, all while enjoying the fruits of youthfulness.

This sister duo comes from a long lineage of strong, talented and independent women. In particular, the sistas credit their grandma, Eve “Midge” Bamburg and mom, Mildred “Millie” Atkins-Coley as their examples for living a life of service to others.

“Growing up, all we saw was them taking care of other people. Whether it was listening and providing support, paying a bill for a friend, singing a hymn during a troubling time, or soothing someone’s pain with a lovingly cooked meal, they were always looking out for the women around them.”

Although the sisters discussed the idea of starting a business and brainstormed some ideas in the past, it wasn’t until they lost both their mother and grandmother that they began to put actions behind their dreams.

“We had wasted enough time. We had talked about it long enough. Finally, when we didn’t have the two people who gave our lives direction, we realized God wanted us to stand on our own two feet and do what was already in us to do. The rest has just been a faith walk.”


As a salute and honor to the women who raised them, the women purchased a teddy bear to serve as a comfort item and a physical representation that their matriarchs are always with them, both physically and in spirit.

“When we get really nervous about something, or realize that this thing is bigger than us, the first thing we do is grab that bear. It contains so many tears, fears and prayers, but it’s been a therapeutic way for us to maintain our connection with the women who started us on this journey. Anything we do, we always bring them with us, that’s what the bear represents.” 

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