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Our Identity


Our Mission

Together, OurSisterhood is taking actions to drive change for women’s social and economic empowerment both personally and professionally motivating sistas to regain and build ‘self’ and ‘families’ back together one family at a time.

Our Vision

Empower women, Walk in purpose and Shift the culture

Our Focus

OurSisterhood focuses on imparting life-giving revelation into our Sistas through the development of spiritual growth derived from biblical teaching, practical principles, workshops, lifestyle challenges and conferences. 

 OurSisterhood strives to create a refuge where sisterly connections, thought-provoking dialogues and a compassionate community can be used to support, build and nurture loving sisters no matter what area in life they are in.  OurSisterhood is about teaching sistas to “Make It Happen! – while promoting the development of a happy, healthy, whole and holy life!

Stay Connected

Socialize with us and stay up to date with everything we are doing!
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